Ordering & Payment

  • Pay and purchase online

All our products can be ordered online and will be delivered to you securely. Select the payment method you prefer at the checkout  and confirm your order. Items will be delivered safe and secure to your doorstep

  • Customers from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

If you are based in the UK, we are a registered company in the UK and trade as “Lihiniya Gems Ltd (UK)”. Payments can be made directly to our bank account in the UK as well as through card payment via STRIPE

Engagement ring Consultations & Engraving

  • Engagement rings and diamond consultations

Getting married soon? Talk to us and set up and appointment. We are available in store or online. You can talk to us on WhatsApp / Video / Chat etc and tell us your requirement and we are sure that we can match or better the price of most of your high street retailers** and do a faster and better job than the big names!

  • Engraving & Plating

Ask us about our engraving services. We engrave your custom jewellery. We also provide plating services for Silver jewellery as well as all other gold and platinum jewellery just to make your precious pieces look much better

Custom Designs & Commissions

This is what we love to do – Listening to your ideas and understanding your needs, then transforming them into a beautiful piece of jewellery for you and future generations to enjoy
  • Bespoke jewellery design and production

We undertake custom commissions of almost any kind. Have a chat with us and we will get to know you and your needs, what’s in your mind and then help you make it come to life!

We can recreate pieces which are designer inspired, or something out of a magazine/ Picture you have too. Adapt the designs to your need and make a piece full of character and unique. All our jewellery is handmade and we do not use any casting models. This makes every single piece of jewellery we make different from one another

Gemstone Sourcing

Sourcing specific gemstones on special requests, rare gemstone finding, finding the perfect gemstones for your jewellery needs and for gem enthusiasts
  • Gemstone sourcing services we offer

We can source gemstones according to your personal preferences. We have a wide selection of loose gemstone, however there are always times when you require something that we do not stock, let us know your requirement and we will source it for you

We specialise in Sapphires and have a wide range of Precious and semi-precious gemstones to select from

All our Sapphires are GUARANTEED NATURAL and is backed with our 100% Money back policy no questions asked.¹

¹ Sapphires are commonly known for being heated and are an accepted practise in the industry. However, some sapphires do not need to be heated to enhance the inherent colour or to dispel any impurities and those sapphires tend to be rare compared to the heated sapphires and more in value. (Heat Treatment/Thermal enhancement is checked by our gemmologist on request of the customer) 

Sapphires enhancement / treatment done by other methods are NOT considered Natural or normal and dramatically reduces the value of the gemstone and sometimes Valueless (Beryllium Treatment / Colour Diffusion/Radiation/X-ray/etc) These gemstones are NOT SOLD AT LIHINIYA GEMS

Cleaning, polishing & repairs

Lihiniya Gems offers a range of care services and resources to help you care for your most adored pieces
  • Complimentary cleaning / Polishing, offered on site

Let us clean your precious jewellery free of charge while you wait**. We will clean and make sure you jewellery looks sparkly and new as it should be. We also republish old jewellery to bring back its old glory

  • Resizing and resetting gemstones

We can resize your rings. We also can reset gemstones to new or existing jewellery of yours. Please consult us and set an appointment with us and we would be happy to help

  • Our Prong & Settings checks Service

Buying new jewellery is like buying a new car, you need to keep it in good condition after buying it for a smooth ride!

Our prong and stone settings check service ensures that your existing gemstone set jewellery is in good condition. After some time it is advised to get your jewellery checked for loosened gemstones etc. Wear and tear is common in jewellery as well as drops, bumps etc. Our prong and settings check will ensure the prongs holding the gemstones are checked and fastened as well as any other cosmetic defects that needs to be corrected. We will advice you of any necessary repairs needs to be done and the costs after analysing your jewellery before we undertake any repair

  • Repairs

We undertake all sorts of repairs. Bring us your jewellery or send us a message and we will assess your jewellery / needs and let you know the best course of action that is suitable for your jewellery