Online ordering Service

All our products can be ordered online and will be delivered to you. You simply pay through a preferred payment method and confirm your order. Items will be delivered safe and secure to your doorstep anywhere in the World.

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Please send us a message or email us and we will be in touch with you.

The following payment methods are available at the moment:

  • Credit/ Debit card payments (Via Mail Order Form)
  • Direct Bank Transfer to one of our accounts [LKR/USD Sri Lanka| £ Sterling/UK]

Cleaning and polishing

We offer a lifetime of free cleaning, polishing, and checking on all jewellery purchased from us.

Custom design

This is what we love to do – Listening to your ideas and understanding your needs, then transforming them into a beautiful piece of jewellery for you and future generations to enjoy.

Every piece of Jewellery made to order is certified by us and provided with a “Certificate of Authenticity” issued by Lihiniya Gems.


Sourcing specific gemstones on special requests, rare gemstone finding, finding the perfect gemstones for your jewellery needs and for gem enthusiasts.

We specialise in Sapphires and have a wide range of Precious and semi- precious gemstones to select from.

All our Sapphires are GUARANTEED NATURAL and is backed with with our 100% Money back policy no questions asked.¹

¹ Sapphires are commonly known for being Heated, and is a accepted practise in the industry. However some sapphires do not need to be heated to enhace the inherent colour or to dispel any impurities and those Sapphires tend to be rare compared to the Heated Sapphires and more in value. (Heat Treatment/Thermal Enhancemt is checked by our gemmologist on request of the customer) 

Sapphires enhancement/ treatment done by other methods are NOT considered Natural or normal and dramatically reduces the value of the gemstone and sometimes Valueless (Beryllium Treatment/ Colour Diffusion/Radiation/Xray/etc) These gemstones are NOT SOLD AT LIHINIYA GEMS


Gemstone Certification Service

All Gemstones sold at Lihiniya Gems are provided with a “Certificate of Authenticity” issued by Lihiniya Gems.*

*See Terms Below

Gemstones 1 ct size and above will be provided with a Gemmologist Certificate/ Memo*

*Certifying Institutions: NGJA (National Gem & Jewellery Authority) |RGL (Royal Gem Lab)| GIC (Gemmological Institute of COlombo) | GIA/ FGA Qualified independant Gemmologist


We offer Delivery worldwide. Delivery is Free on items over a certain value. Please send us a message to find out if the item you order/ purchase qualifies for free delivery. Items are insured and shipped through the Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka (Which is the government authority & regulator for Gem & Jewellery in Sri Lanka) (See Terms).


Jewellery repairs and maintenance

We are happy to repair your jewellery that you bring in to our store – our services include re-sizing, re-making, re-plating, re-setting and polishing (See terms).


General Terms & Conditions

  1. LIFETIME GUARANTEE MEANING: Means the main gemstone and any accompanying gemstones and the metal used (Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum) is Guaranteed to be what it says on the official receipt/certificate given at that time of purchase to the customer. Lihiniya Gems Guarantee DOES NOT cover the following: Accidental damage, damage caused by mishandling or misuse of the article, items being dropped on a hard surface where gemstones might come off the settings, rough use of Jewellery (swimming, diving, wearing jewellery while using corrosive liquids, driving while wearing Eternity Rings, Natural Disasters. If for some reason the Main stone of the jewellery article purchased came off, it will be reset free of charge by Lihiniya Gems. However bringing the damaged Jewellery back to the store (42A,Hospital Street, Fort Galle, Sri Lanka) along with the main stone and the official receipt and any certificates issued to be fixed will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Items repaired by a third party (NOT FROM US) will VOID the guarantee and we (Lihiniya Gems) will take no responsibility of the product afterwards unless it was/has been agreed with us (Lihiniya Gems) by writing (Email, Letter).
  2. JEWELLERY REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE: Maintenance, alterations and repairs will be done free of charge except when we (Lihiniya Gems) have to replace Gemstones/Metal. Jewellery not purchased from us will be first lab tested to confirm the quality of the metal the jewellery is made of and the gemstones checked by a qualified gemmologist. RETURNS & EXCHANGES: Returns & exchanges will only be accepted if the item purchased has been proven* not to be the item sold/mentioned on the official receipt/Certificate (*Proven by a competent authority on Gemmology e.g. GIA, GEM-A of Great Britain, GRS, etc. or for Jewellery/Metals, an authorized organisations (e.g. Essay offices of any country) should accompany a full testing report on the percentage of precious metal and alloys.
  3. CERTIFICATION: Independent Gem stone certification service done upon request and is free of charge for stones of a certain value or higher (Please ask for details) Certification for items below this value is done upon request for a nominal fee. Certification is done by the NGJA (National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka) which is the government authority & Regulator on Gems & Jewellery or by a GIA/FGA qualified independent Gemmologist). Guarantee/Certification for individual gemstones up to 0.50cts, Semi-precious Gemstones and Sterling Silver Jewellery will be the INVOICE/PAYMENT RECEIPT. “Certificate of Authenticity” is printed and issued by Lihiniya Gems and carries the Lihiniya Gems official logo, official seal and the official signature. Certificate requests have to be made before the order has been placed (For independent Gemmologist Certificates).
  4. FURTHER CERTIFICATION: Further certification/testing of our Gems & Jewellery can be done at the GOVERNMENT FACILITY which is the NGJA (National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka) which is the authority & Regulator on Gems & Jewellery at No .25, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  5. SHIPPING/POSTAGE: The necessary shipping charges, customs duty, tax on the items will be paid in Sri Lanka by Lihiniya Gems depending if the article qualifies for free shipping. Once the item has reached the destination country it will be the responsibility of the receiver of goods to pay the correct amount of customs duty/tax depending on the destination country laws.