Beautiful Ceylon Star Sapphire, Ideal for a Pendant or a big ring. Nice flat stone with big spread, looks like a 10+ cts stone


  • Variety: Natural Corundum Star Sapphire
  • Weight: 8.74cts
  • Shape & Cut: Oval shape/ Cabochon cut
  • Asterism Effect: Very clear 6 rays as shown in pictures.
  • Colour: Greyish Blue
  • Treatments/Enhancements: NONE/ Unheated/Untreated
  • Dimensions: 15.49X11.88X4.00 mm
  • Certification: Certified by GIA qualified Gemmologist

**Sapphires in general are heated/thermally enhanced to improve clarity and colour saturation. 90% of the Sapphires found go through this process. To find a gemstone which is not heated is rare and is a premium.

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