Natural Blue Sapphires Pair – 2.78cts (Oval)

Natural Blue Sapphires Pair – 2.78cts (Oval)


Product Description

Beautiful Natural Blue Sapphires Pair.

These stones have been ethically mined, cut and polished in Sri Lanka.

Cut into a beautiful Oval shapes and extremely hard to get matching pairs since every gemstone is unique and different.

would make a stunning pair of earrings.

Please ask for a quote if you would like to set these in a design of your choice or would like us to design a pair of earrings for you.


Mineral Class : Natural Corundum Natural Blue Sapphire
Total Weight : 2.78ctw (total)
Shape & Cut : Oval|Mixed cut
Colour : Blue
Hardness (Moh’s hardness scale) : 9
Enhancements : Normal Heat Only
Birthstone zodiac sign : Virgo
Birthstone for : September
Crystal system : Hexagonal crystal system
Chemical formula : Al₂O₃
Certification : Available

                               Please check our Instagram for the video of this gemstone

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