Certified Natural Pink Sapphire 3.81cts

Certified Natural Pink Sapphire 3.81cts


Product Description

Beautiful Natural Pink Sapphire found in the central province of Sri Lanka. Cut and Polished in the Galle District by traditional gem cutters locally.

Ethically mined and is the second most popular colour in sapphires after the famous Ceylon Blue Sapphires.

This stone has an attractive colour and is a reasonably big gemstone that will sit beautifully on a pendant or a ring.

Mineral Class : Natural Corundum Natural Pink Sapphire
Total Weight : 3.81cts
Shape & Cut : Oval|Mixed cut
Colour : Pink
Hardness (Moh’s hardness scale) : 9
Enhancements : Heated
Birthstone zodiac sign : Virgo
Birthstone for : September
Crystal system : Hexagonal crystal system
Chemical formula : Al₂O₃
Certification : Certified by GIA qualified Gemmologist

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