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Certified Aquamarine Ring 18kt White Gold

Certified Aquamarine Ring 18kt White Gold


Please let us know your ring size as one of the sizes listed in the chart All ring sizes are independent of each other and do not correlate (Please see example). e.g. UK/Australia ring size L and US ring size 6 are NOT the same.
Europe UK/Australia USA
41 F 3
42 G 3.5
43 H 4
44 I 4.5
45 J 5
46 K 5.5
47 L 6
48 M 6.5
49 N 7
50 O 7.5
51 P 8
52 Q 8.5
53 R 9
54 S 9.5
55 T 10
56 U 10.5
57 V 11
58 W 11.5
59 X 12
60 Y 12.5
61 Z 13


Aquamarine is the Birthstone for the month of March and belongs to the “Beryl” Family of minerals.

This ring is set with a certified piece of beautiful light blue colour aquamarine. The gemstone has been carefully selected for its beauty and lustre along with the pleasant “Aqua” colour tones it displays.

This ring would be a real head turner when worn with a black colour outfit (See also our Aquamarine Pendants) and set in 18kt white gold in a unique and modern design that emphasizes the gemstone


Gemstone: Natural Aquamarine

Weight: 6.38cts

Metal: 18kt White Gold

Certification: (Please check pictures to see Certificate of gemstone)

Ring Size: Available in any size as required (size alterations done free of charge upon purchase)


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